June 25th, 2005


Officially hot 'round here

So after I went bopping to town for some more paving stones so I can put the bench on an even keel in the cat garden, I arrived home to find the temp around 95, then I got busy with some computer stuff and then a shower and then more computer stuff and when last I looked... it's officially hot here in Central Maine.

Updated: 4:15 PM EDT on June 25, 2005
Observed at Waterville, Maine
Elevation: 331 ft / 101 m
Clear 99 °F / 37 °C

The archive indicated that the record for the day is 94, so that'd be a record. Ayuh. According to the forecast we can expect thunderstorms at almost anytime the next five days, so that'll possibly be exciting. I note that *yesterday* they were calling for a high of 95 today, but this morning they'd changed the prediction to a high of 93. Guess they need to add these results back into the model to improve the score next time around....

My new vest pocket USB hard drive functions on a my "regular computer" so in the next week or so I get to play with it and see if I can make it a bootable linux drive. Somewhere around here I have the XANDROS 3.0 community edition (Open Circulation?) burnt to CD so I'll probably try that... all I have to do is see which of my computers will *let* me make a USB device bootable. I'll try the laptops -- might be handy to have a windows and a linux laptop with me at the same time, carrying one machine.
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