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it came out of the wordwork

Happy solstice to those who do...
Looks like a pretty day today, judging by last night's sparse whispy clouds and moon-filled sky on the way home from chess. Might have seen a deer on the way home, otherwise not a cat, not a fox. This time of the year it's unusual to travel in the dark and not to see *somebody* else.

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May be pretty today, but we're looking for high's near 90, and me scheduled to be out for a run to the city (of Waterville, not NYC) in the midst of the highest heat. I've already refilled the birdfood, turned on the airconditioner in the bedroom (outside temp is running 82 according to our remote digital thermometer) and even got the airconditioner on in the living room. Mo -- that's Kennebec Mozart the Silly -- was all settled into his hammock, comfy, with the air conditioner on and everything... when he decided to get upset when I used a bit of duct tape to seal... a duct.