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it came out of the wordwork

Sun this morning, now clouds, now sun, now clouds
I am not full of energy, but we'll ride out in a few minutes just to get me out of the house;
at the moment it's very gray, they the sky was blue minutes ago when I took Patia
on the deck for the first time in a few days... the deck almost looking dry for a change.
Patia was fascinated by the bottom of the returnables bin, which I think was acting as a weatherbreak for a cat or a raccoon or both in the late bad weather.

Ordered a couple external hard-drives yesterday, one so Rolanni can back up directly to an external on her computer instead of across the network to my external; in part this is in preparation for
some hoped-for upcoming changes in the home network, which I want to run through an
upgraded Linux server in the basement. The other external drive is part of the plan; more later, when I'll speak of success or disappointment or -- more likely -- frustration mixed with eventual success.

This week we saw, in the midst of my being not all that well, a fairly roomy downtown Waterville storefront for rent for under $800 a month. We were talking about some possibilities with our friend who owns Children's Book Cellar... when the owner of that storefront came in to say hello to her... and so, we got the tour. A couple thousand square feet, on two levels, with 72 incoming phone lines and a major router left by a former tenant.

Time for SRM Publisher and related projects to move to the city? I dunno... it's a dangerous place, since it's within about a quarter mile of a coffee shop, six or eight restaurants and eateries, our pharmacy, a bookstore, the city's best cd/tape/music source, our favorite liquor store/wine shop, the Opera House... and the mill they're considering making into riverfront condos. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm.....