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it came out of the wordwork

Under The Weather?
Don't know if the weather is really to blame or not, but my cold migrated and I woke about 4 this morning with a cough... and the sound of rain pounding, pounding, pounding, pouring on the air conditioner and against the side of the house. I couldn't get back to sleep.

Eventually it was time to get up, so I fed the cats, had breakfast, and went back to bed -- where I slept for some time, only waking after Rolanni left for the Post Office run. I was aided in my waking by Max!, who is offended when one of us leaves. He may well be offended when we both leave, but I have no easy way to discover that, short of setting up a webcam-and-mike... which I won't bother to do. In any case, Max! has perfected a little-kitty woe-is-me sound which comes oddly since he is not, after all, a little cat. He roused me enough to hear that 1) it was still raining and 2) Rolanni wasn't typing. I got myself in gear, sort of, so that when Rolanni did return I was awake if not conscious, and also surprisingly hungry. I cooked up some non-burgers while Rolanni did an online mail-run... and then we ate a picnic-style lunch at the kitchen table since it was... still raining.

So, after lunch I looked over and signed the business tax forms, then answered several paper letters that have been on my ToDo list for awhile (hey, if you see Wally Shugg, tell him I said hello!), and else have been taking it very easy. Still coldish, still sneezing from time to time... I did refill the finch-feeder, empty the dehumidifier (a daily event recently,)and re-stock the fridge with Pepsi.

If you were expecting mail or email or chapters or comments from me today, sorry -- maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday.