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it came out of the wordwork

Maine, the way life should be...
Covering the cost of living is hard enough for retirees...
but sometimes you end up with a nice irony. Maine's been using a slogan that's rife with irony these days...

Maine, The Way Life should be....

Meanwhile, the local school district sent out a poll asking what people felt about consolidating our school with the Waterville schools. Most of the respondents thought it was OK... or even a good idea. The noisemakers, however, all ran down to a meeting and screamed that the town was going to lose it's identity if that happened...

Listen up folks -- the town has already lost any identity it had. The major mill is gone. The secondary mill is gone. The rope company has failed and been bought up as a bargain, and is now a subsidiary of someplace big. The local ISP was lost to the Adelphia mess. The local grocery store is too small to be an IGA. There's no place but churches and schools to hear music. One of the two regular eateries has failed twice in the last three years. The town no longer has a motel to call it's own... OK, there is the place with eight or ten 8 X 12 cabins. The town no longer has a newspaper of it's own.

I wouldn't mind getting it over with and just having Winslow and Waterville merge. It ought to happen. As it is the locals from Winslow are using terms for Waterville that makes it sound like Waterville is a Baltimore of crime and danger. Hey, right, Winslow badasses go to Waterville to get drunk because there aren't any good bars in town here. The good citizens go to the movies in Waterville because Winslow doesn't have a movie house. There's no organic/natural food store in Winslow. There's no pet store in Winslow. The "coffee shop" in Winslow is a Dunkin Donut, though some of the elders prefer going to the McDonalds, or up to the convenience store to stand around and get in the way of customers. Winslow relegated itself to bedroom community years ago... let's consolidate and get done with it.

Meanwhile, the nasal congestion and cough result in another delay in the next round of mouthwork; the surgeon's office being pretty clear that they don't want me sneezing and coughing my way into anesthesia.
Did mention... my dentist is in Waterville, my oral surgeon is in Waterville, the two local hospitals are in Waterville. I see a pattern.

Oh yeah, when I got up in the night the outside temperature was 39. This morning, it's raining and the temp is.... 46. A couple days ago at this time of the morning it was 86... Maine, the way life should be.