June 13th, 2005


Slow day continued

Woke up and it was hot inside -- in the mid 80s, with the outside temp at 74. So we turned on the ice dragon in the bedroom -- the one meant to cool the bedroom and offices but which in a long haul can cool most of the upstairs -- and fixed breakfast. Now the inside temp is just over 81 in the kitchen and in Rolanni's office, and the outside temp is 82, at 8:45 in the ayem. They're calling for 85, but with a temp of 82 so early, I'm figuring on 87-90 for a high. That's Florida weather. This is Maine. Sigh.

I dunno, looks like I'll download and burn an updated Linux today, for installation late this week or early next after my visit to the oral surgeon.

Meanwhile Rolanni's out to exercise and I've started the wash. I figure one early load of laundry is better than no laundry, and if we finish it before the heat of the day we're up.

The humming birds are being flexible -- as in the HB feeder has been moved around due to ants, wind, and raccoons in the last three days. The new location is only a few feet from the old and the ruby-banded one is sitting on a branch while another one feeds. Are these pairs? How many can eat from a single feeder? We'll see eventually, I guess... probably we'll buy a book -- any suggestions?

Dealt with some cat stuff, now it's 83 outside at 9:11. Gotta make a list of things to do this week.
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