June 7th, 2005


Rolanni says: it is not good to be in love in a chinese movie

So, as the credits roll, Rolanni says: it is not good to be in love in a chinese movie. That truth as the evening resulted in an unexpectedly snowy, black and white and red all over, end of House of Flying Daggers, watched with the aid of two spellbound cats.

The day is much gone; other than watch the movie (which helped me defocus from my complaints)all I've done today is feel miserable, sleep, eat, and stare blear-eyed at things I should have been working on. The Orioles are winning, just got lucky in a risky inning, allowing 2 runs when it could have been a disaster. in Pittsburgh.

What has gone before:

Our trip to the BEA last Thursday started off with us rising a few minutes late, and getting later as the cats didn't help much at feeding time.

So, needing to average about a mile a minute to get to the train on time... I found myself hitting close to 80 in Argent (our new-to-us Subaru Forester) after running into fog, many miles of fog, fog where entire lines of cars disappeared in front of us. I'd slowed to 30 or 35 for awhile and then was very pleased to be driving a stable, well-behaved car once the fog lifted.

We walked into the train station, showed our tickets, and the guy behind the counter said: "that train is boarding now". Righto.... So we eventually got to North Station, took a taxi-ride (more like a funhouse or bumper-car ride than a regular taxi-ride, alas, what with the several near collisions) to South Station... and finally got on the way to Penn Station in NYC... (had sandwiches at South Station, of which Rolanni should speak more, I'd guess.)

So we got to Penn Station and dutifully stood in a line waiting for a taxi... and, then, it was Our Turn... and a police officer walked up to the taxi-stand guy and said -- "You know, there's a teacher's union protest going on right now and there won't be any taxis through for awhile -- they're blocking the street." (This at 4 PM on Thursday afternoon, by golly!).... We waited for sometime, standing there in the sun, as the police and the cab-stand guy had an argument with a wayward bus and driver... and thne two cars that had snuck through the blockade argued over which lane they could get...and about that time a pedicab showed up.. and we took it, all the way to the Sheraton Russell over on Park Ave. Expensive but fun. I suspect the pedicab guy could be a model for fantasy artists needing to illustrate thews...

The hotel was comfortable, if old fashioned: the elevators were clad in wood and the walls of our room were so thick that even though our room backed on the elevators we couldn't hear them *at all*.

We then took a semi-meandering walk down to my cousin's place of business... which we looked over considering the possibility of a book-party in NYC at some point -- and then we walked up to Madison Ave to a small restaurant (for dinner with my cousin) where we instantly felt at home and where we had a number of meals while in the city.

Once back at the hotel (about two or three blocks of walking in the city) we had a nice glass of wine and I played with the nifty BOSE radio which I left on low for background sound most of the night... and we slept well.

Friday... well. Friday... more later.
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