May 30th, 2005


Gone -- the notes are *gone*

Spent a fair amount of time -- or maybe an unfair amount of time -- looking for some old notes we had on a potential follow-on to The Tomorrow Log. I suspect they're in a banker's box in the basement, because that's where a *lot* of old files are -- and they would probably have been part of the original proposal for TTL that went to Del Rey in... oh, nineteen ought eighty nine...

Anyhow, since I read The Tomorrow Log yesterday I have a pretty good idea of where we want it to go now, so no matter where it might have gone in the old days... we have a direction to work toward.

And that being so, I've got a couple pages of rough proposal to work over before I show it to Rolanni so that we can have a coordinated-and-edited page or two to share with Powers That Be when we get to NY.

Hah. Even have a potential working title. Which I'm holding tight on until we get a feel for interest....

Meanwhile, those short stories are still knocking at the back of my mind reminding me I *promised* to do something about them RSN.

Stop shouting stories -- we'll get to you RSN.
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