May 28th, 2005


hey, it's raining -- but stuff is happening anyway

Right. Woke up, heard the drips. Not on vacation, so I can't ignore the day, despite the gray.

Yesterday I delivered both hard-copy and files to my printer; there's some chance that Other Ways: Three Tales of The Secant by Mark Tiedemann will actually be published this month, as scheduled. We'll know for sure on Tuesday. Not that we're cutting things close or anything. If you're a reviewer and interested in a reprint chapbook write to me and we'll try to get you a copy RSN.

Travel yesterday was made interesting by the flood waters. Right: it's been raining so much up here that there are some places that usually flood only in spring snow-melt that are re-inundated. My lawn is thick and high, and unmowed. Mr Stetson will have his job cut out for him.

Yesterday other progress: confirmed the cat-sitter for the BEA; achieved a (frozen) pizza to go with the video... but then instead we went for a thick sandwich of good cheese and fresh-baked bread. That leaves the pizza for tonight's video -- is it "Much Ado About Nothing?"
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