May 15th, 2005


Getting in gear, haroo....


some things are getting in gear.

Mark Tiedemann's chapbook is on the verge of being ready for proofing; we have the ISBN in house, finally, and the Other Ways: Three Tales of the Secant ought to actually be printed this month, as scheduled. Haroo!

We have sold the Buick, meaning we've finished the current phase of upgrading transportation while improving gas mileage in our house by about 8 mpg. The cash for the Buick and the the rebate on the insurance (from going to a one car family)...will pay for the first two months or so of the car payment on the 2002 Forester, which we have named Argent. Haroo!

I have driving glasses and new reading glasses; the world is a safer, clearer place. The driving glasses come with an amazing permanent-but-removable not built-in magnetic flip sun-glass attachment. Love it. This should solve some of those long-distance driving headaches. Haroo!

The Orioles are still in first place on May 15. Haroo!

Things go forward with the BEA planning. If you're going to be going to the BEA and might want to meet for breakfast, let me know. Meanwhile we discover that i was right -- our hotel is just around the block from my cousin's apartment, and not much more of a walk from her business. Dim Sum is in our future, I guess. Haroo!

We've seen the "rough" of the Crystal Dragon cover. Wow. Plan is for the art to be on display at the BEA, as I understand it. Haroo!

The dental stuff is still on-going; timing being everything I will *not* be having oral surgery the day before we leave for the day BEA. Instead, it'll happen the day after we get back. This'll put me at about the 1/3 done mark, I think. Haroo!

And, I hope to be trying out something called Clever Copy on one of my domains you probably haven't seen yet. Anyone have experience with Clever Copy?

On tap for a 4 PM showing at The Confusion Farm Cinema: The Incredibles. A slight change from yesterday's convincing Merchant of Venice (with Al Pacino). Now that the DVD is talking to the TV regularly, anyone got suggestions for more Shakespeare on DVD? Also in the To Be Watched Soon pile: Janis Ian on DVD. Haroo!
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