May 8th, 2005


Been a week?

Busy times, even when I figured I was going to be resting.

Research on Subarus got us out of the small wagon category and looking at Foresters; we drove a couple of them at different dealers and on Friday we went to Augusta to pick up SRM Publisher chapbooks, and look at some more Subaru min-SUVs. Bought one with 26000 fewer miles on it than the Blazer we traded in. The bank that was holding the note on the Blazer was OK with our trading it in and picking up a new loan...heck, they ought to be, we've made our payments on time, no muss or fuss. Drove the new silver Forester home, which brought it to exactly 70,000 miles, and then yesterday put 30 miles on it going to the PO.

Zoom, zoom, it's a comfortable little car, and I listened to Papa Chubby on the CD... spiff! And if the expected mileage is anything like real mileage, I used a gallon less gas in yesterday's trip to the PO than if I'd still be in the Blazer.

Went to chess last Monday, mostly won, and had a couple of interesting, technical middle and end games, including one where I (properly, I say) gave up the rook for the bishop in the French. Cool. Tomorrow is a dental appointment... chess may be delayed until next week. So -- anyone here on the ICC? Got experience with Blitzen or a Linux equivalent?

It rains. With wind. What's new?

BEA planning is going along, more or less fine. Rolanni's working the skeleton of a special Pin Beam Quarterly while I fiddle with other household stuff.

Several of the story ideas I was looking over last week have made it to one or two lines in a file....
and had a dream yesterday that may make the start of a story as well.

Elsewhere discussing "how-to-promote-a-novel and see that we're somehow our own little niche; we do what we do and it sort of works and we can do it that way because we have done it that way, not because that's how a writer "should" do it.

Sounds right. But, but... A writing career is far from a one-size-fits-all pattern; truth told I think we may not have taken the best path sometimes, even if we've sort of got where we were going. We just keep missing Michael Anthony, and no one's bothered to even let us *read* the standard-rich-and-famous contract yet. Hello, Ms Agent? Well, now we'll be trying the BEA, so we're straying into some of the stuff we're "supposed" to have been doing all along. Cross-fingers, please, and tell your friends that the new Liaden book ought to be in a store near them.

Stuff calls. I'll try not to be a week before I get back here.
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