May 1st, 2005


Last night -- watched a flick...

Last night...

We watched Fellowship of the Ring ... director's cut. Worth the new info, made sense of some scenes that didn't quite make a clean transition in the movie-house version. Patia seemed to enjoy it as much as we did; in fact I think she's complaining that we haven't started part II tonight.

Day before, I finished Destroyer, by C.J. A very, very dense read, but I'm waiting for the next one.. Gee, does that sound familiar... I also ran down to town, observed the river lapping at parking spaces well up into the parking lot at Hathaway; was interested to see the ocean-like wave action. Must have been a dozen of us on the parking lot at any one time -- at one point there were 5 Blazers and no other vehicles -- and it was kind of scary to see the flotsam including things like prescription bottles and a container of Roundup. The Roundup was too far into the logjam to get at. Roundup, if you don't know, is one of those stupidities of modern lawn maintenance that kills just about everything. Emptied the truck of cardboard at the recycling center at the Winslow Library -- this all happened because there was about a 4 hour break in the rain and I'd been needing to get the stuff out for some time.

Today, odds and ends. Worked on some web stuff, some paperwork stuff, did reservations for the upcoming run to NYC, and etc. Orioles won, again, and that's cool. I mostly follow the Birds on the web.

Tomorrow. Dunno; been feeling a bit coldish -- or maybe it's allergies -- so will see in the morning what's on schedule. I'm bummed in a way -- originally there was a dentist appointment for the morning (delayed on their end) and I'd like to get this stuff out of the way as soon as I can. So there's a couple things that have to get put on various web pages, and something really mysterious that needs to be fixed.

Anyhow I guess I'll call the plumber, too, since I've not been able to budge the water-valve and something needs to be done about that faucet, RSN.

Now, cat boxes and a shower, and maybe a glass of wine with dinner, after.

Meanwhile, the story ideas soar overhead like hawks, giving distant calls, warning me that any day now one might swoop down into the conscious brain, grab me, and carry me away.
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