April 28th, 2005


Stir Fry Vegetables....

And so today, after an interesting morning outing in the rain... which included a brief stop at Staples where we ended up buying a shipping scale (good for up to 50 lbs -- I'm really tired of stepping on and off the bathroom scale while holding boxes of books!) and a couple other things like cases of 24 lb paper and we where we *did not* buy the 250 gig USB hard-drive (sigh)and we also drove around water-soaked Central Maine through a couple of official flood zones, with stops at several post offices, too. After that, I say...

...we got home in time for lunch. I can't tell you how tired I was of eating frozen meals... well, maybe I can. I was so tired of it that we had baked fish and stir fry vegetables for lunch. One of the joys of working at home is being able to eat well. Later this week we'll bake some bread. If I get really energetic I may use those frozen cranberries in something, too.

Serious request: suggested dim sum eateries within reasonable taxi-ride of the Javits Center. Also, suggested Italian or Greek restaurants in that area. No interest at all in Surf-and-Turf places, thanks....

Meanwhile, I've got short stories screaming "me! me! me!" and I have to catch up on the SRM stuff that's been delayed a bit because of the dental stuff.

We we're up early, it's a dreary day, and the deadline is done. Maybe I'll take a nap.
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