April 23rd, 2005


Ride Captain Ride

For those interested in sea-going puzzles:

Mystery ship in Portland, Maine.

Meanwhile, we're expecting multiple inches of rain. To celebrate, I'll take a shower and sit in front of the computer all day.
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Sometimes... things take awhile

Tangent Online has been through some rough phases; the founder (KC area fan and sometime award judge Dave Truesdale) has been through some hard times and real-life sometimes has been reflected in the state of the online zine, which is the probably premier online review site for short genre fiction. We've spent some energy trying to help the zine along from time to time and when Eugie Foster took over as editor and the zine's look was up-dated we sent along some review copies of stuff we figured they hadn't seen.

It's been awhile, but suddenly, and without warning, we discover that Thomas Marcinko has come through... and we've had several chapbooks reviewed.

Take a look at the site, take a look at the reviews.

Meanwhile, there's a war going on somewhere near Cantra's ship. Bet that's a surprise, eh?
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