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it came out of the wordwork

Perfect proscrastination: scones
Had a lot to do today, especially since I need to reformulate that showdown chapter.

SO, I went to the Post Office where I picked up a couple problematical orders and a copy of the April 4th PW with a really nice mention of our work in it (waves to Jan...). Then, on the the hardware store: 40 lbs of bird food. Six bags of top soil. New rake. *Two* new implements of destruction for Rolanni to use on her roses. Stopped at the Animal House to pick up a couple 40 lb bags of cat litter. Ended up listening to the blues awhile (our friends at the Animal House have satellite radio)... and also picked up a window seat, which (on getting it hope) needs to be rethought because I was thinking about putting it where we put the Yule bush every year.... hmmm.

Anyhow stopped for gas, after going by Charlie's to glance at a couple of used cars I can't afford. Can't afford the gas either, for the truck, so maybe a new-used car is in the offing, anyhow.

Then, with the able assistance of a writer friend from the south (Hi David!)who called to chat for awhile I was able to put off working on the chapter, and then cleaned out the bird feeder (one of the three tubes was jammed because enough water had gotten in to sprout the seeds!) and then I emptied the truck of all those 40 lb bags.... and the we had lunch and then I answered email and then I asked Rolanni if she could use a walk, so we did the "around the block" which here is really around the gore and comes in about a mile or so, with the last half up-hill against a pretty good breeze in the sunny blue-sky day.

Nothing left but to get on to that chapter, Rolanni having suggested that my approach was "sort of" the right way on our walk... but wait!

In the refrigerator for lunch I'd noticed the single egg left had a use-by... of tomorrow. And the milk...
had a use-by of today. And I still had that half pound of honest-to-Ireland imported butter that I got free when I bought some Kerry Gold during the buy-good-food for the holidays sale around New Year.

Well, ta da. Had to to do something with all that almost out-of-date stuff... so I checked my cookbook, pulled out a whisk and some good cooking parchment, heated the oven to 400 F, and... we had a snack of fresh-baked blueberry scones.

And now, I've blogged my blog on LJ...

...so I guess I got to hit that chapter RSN.