April 13th, 2005


Snowed last night

And so, with the temperature already hitting 35, we're back to having all of about 5 percent of our land covered in snow. Sigh. Rolanni's out driving in the mixed sun-clouds-snow-showers, a run to Augusta for chapbooks, then a run to Unity to ship the last of Crystal Soldier signed orders from Meisha Merlin, then the run home. She took the truck, her car being problematical due to the horn situation... guess it's time to seriously look at trading her or us into a Subaru sometime this summer.

Worked late last night, may need to work late tonight. Tomorrow will likely be a loss writing-wise since I've an early appointment at the dentist, the first of the real work on the mouth re-fit. As for the writing, when I'm done posting this it's me, Spider, the cats, and the story this morning -- no news updates, no mail updates, no sports checking.

But *in* sports news, the Orioles hung on last night to win 7-6 in Florida, with Sammy Sosa getting his first real game homer for the Orioles. That's good.

Back to work.
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