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it came out of the wordwork

Look forward to small break
I'm looking forward to a small break this weekend -- looks like we'll be going to see Janis Ian play down in Kennebunk (at town hall across from the Unitarian church) tomorrow. It's a couple hours drive down the road for us but I expect it'll be worth it. If we leave early enough we can stop in Old Orchard Beach.

I *need* a break; I have the story-weight of Crystal Soldier and 400 plus pages of Crystal Dragon leaning on what comes next... not to mention the expectations fostered by eight other novels in the series. I see on usenet that we've already got people betting on what comes next...sigh, no pressure, eh?

I can still see snow out the window, but if I crane my neck any more doing it I'm going to end up with one of those shoulder-neck headaches; I have the built up tension already. Shoulder tension wasn't helped by a series of needed faxes not coming through, and an unscheduled call from a publisher in the midst of trying to get the faxes. Maybe I'll take a short nap after lunch.

Meanwhile, I've finally re-upped my USCF (now they want me to say "US Chess") membership. Looks like the organization is moving national headquarters and is in a bit of trouble with cash-flow until they're settled, and since I've gotten many hours of use and abuse from chess over the years, I rejoined. You can join or rejoin, too -- there's a break for doing it over the internet. I *do not* like the website, but hey, I'm not in a spot where I can help them fix it.

The mid-day meal looks like salad, cold chicken, and either baked bean or butter beans. Whole wheat rolls still here? Maybe it'll be a cold chicken sandwhich...

Did I mention the new SRM Publisher cafepress store? We'd been resisting going with cafepress because we know if we do it ourselves we can get better prices for people. On the other hand, the doing all that ourselves, that's time out from the writing and publishing, and we can only afford so much of that at the moment, with my dental work starting in full measure next week. That store is only *just* started, there will be changes and additions as we have time... yes we will be adding t-shirt choices RSN. Want something else they offer in an SRM or Liaden style? Let know.

Lunch sounds good.

Oh yeah, today I am not reading the news, I have work to do. It there's something I *really* need to know about, email me. Thanks.