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it came out of the wordwork

No big news
No big news, just a lot of little bits.

For example, Donato is selling a print of Crystal Soldier's cover ...and some stores are reporting actual, buyable stock. We signed a couple copies at a driveby of a B&N, so we know it's happening... and heh, we also sold one of those copies on the spot, so I guess we ought to do that more often.

I have hopes of a busy manuscript day tomorrow; tonight I'm just too elsewhere to concentrate, having absorbed the Crystal Dragon stuff Rolanni printed out for me. I now have that in electronic format, and will go from there after we do the fight with clocks thing in the morning. I'm not messing with the pendulum clock tonight....

The property here in East Winslow on the road to Unity... is about 1/3 snow-covered, or was when night fell. I expect we'll have no snow at all between the house and the road tomorrow, and that only the deep wood will show snow tomorrow afternoon. Sigh. Still, not too bad a run given that the winter started late. I saw, BTW, that there's an inexorable movement of winter toward June, and Summer toward December. It ought to take another 9000 years or so, apparently, so I guess I'll miss that.

I see Steve Stiles is back online. Take a look, especially if you're into comics and such. Steve did the wonderful cover for Masterwalk... see Masterwalk cover....for SRM Publisher.

Been working on other stuff; the art's in for Mark Tiedemann's Other Ways.. and I'm a bit behind on that project, but what's new?

My turn to do the PO gig today -- which netted us no copies of the latest Absolute Magnitude for our brag shelf. Sigh. Nor a check from John Beresford Tipton via Michael Anthony, more's the pity. Interesting drive, though, left home in a barely started rain shower, and then got ice pellets and sleet mixed in for quite a ways. After the PO I stopped to buy some new fluorescent bulbs for the house (long-self-promised) and glared at the cost of the stain-killer we'll need for the ceilings if I ever decide to paint.

I have doubledecker cats at the moment, with Patia occupying the copilot's seat to my right and Max! neatly tucked below. The Kid -- AKA Scrabble -- is on top the serape on the chest in the bedroom; I assume Mozart is in Rolanni's lap, whrere he can be in the way as she goes over the first 416 pages of Crystal Dragon, which I turned back earlier today.

More soon, more soon.

Oh yeah. It's raining pretty hard, and more expected: no meteor or comet report tonight.