March 24th, 2005


Today we choose brackets

Hah, and I speak not of basketball. Well, just a minute of basketball. NIT tournament indeed. I hope they continue to win, but the Terps ought to be playing elsewhere this week, IMNSHO. Of course, they *do* determine their own fate.

But onward....

So, yesterday and today the first search-and-replace run was done using "[" as a search key in Open Office. Each time I encountered a "[" a question followed (as in, "IS THIS RIGHT?", or the simple word "HELP" filled the space between [ and ].

We have eliminated, then, the [ ] problems and the basic "HELP", and have finished the bulk of the "IS THIS RIGHT?"s as well. There are a few (DIDN'T WE DO THIS IN CRYSTAL SOLDIER?)and such to deal with, and then the more meaty which I expect to start on sometime tomorrow or Saturday.

All of this means that the word count Rolanni is serving up is... a little low. Right now there are about 650 more words in the rolling draft than she's counted in her current total. Without getting into the fullness of things -- like figuring out how long a particular battle scene really ought to be in words rather than in must-be-dones -- I'm guessing that Rolanni's total ought to be a notch or two above above that 100K mark.

Meanwhile, today we also had unsolicited kind words from an editor on some of our work, which is cool, and we also decided who to dedicate Sword of Orion to, that being about the last of our pre-galley input on that project. We've seen the near final version of cover for Sword of Orion, which promises to look entirely unlike any previous cover under our bylines, jointly or singly.

Also, I should mention that Meisha Merlin has taken notice of the info our various roving reporters have dropped us from bookstores; they've passed it on and we can hope for clarity in the coming weeks. Still, if you *do* see Crystal Soldier somewhere feel free to sing out -- we like to know. If the world map were on the wall instead of neatly folded in case i do manage to paint this year, we'd have pins all over Canada, in Japan, in Sweden, in California, in Florida, several in the UK.... and several promised yet for NZ and other points downunderish.

The moon so full it looks full to me as I glance out my window... means it isn't good comet-hunting tonight. It is pretty, though. I note that our property is still 90% or more snow-covered, with the house and driveway clear and spots expanding slowly from those areas.

Oh yeah, I have two short stories nibbling at the backbrain... so once Crystal Dragon is out of the house I'll flip a coin or see which drags me into an argument in a dream, and then go on from there.
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