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it came out of the wordwork

An author discusses the joys of databases in general and Powell's failures in particular

Here is where an author rants. It isn't pretty.

(rant begins)

For the record:

Despite what amazon.com, borders.com, booksamillion.com, bn.com (and many stores sucking from the same databases), have to say on the matter, Crystal Soldier is *not* a graphic novel.

Powells.com thinks Crystal Soldier was written by Sharon Lee and Donato Giancola. It was not. It was written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Donato Giancola is the cover artist and the book also has a single interior "preliminary sketch" by him; Donato is not a co-author except by the broadest of bibliographic extensions, and is not to be blamed for any of the written content. Powells is not good at databases, apparently. Co-authors are mistreated at Powell's. You can tell them I said so. Please tell them I said so.

I'm reminded of the story about the guy who, through clerical error and computer glitch, got executed for kidnapping Robert Lewis Stevenson because his library book was overdue.

(rant ends)


Thank you.