March 16th, 2005


Not quite one more pass to go

There it is again, the law of unintended consequences...

So I did a couple revisions, chop-chop, on Sword of Orion. Cool.

Then, one of the revisions suggested something of a little more complexity, which maybe ought to have an explanation here, and a pre-figuring there... ooops. Jerel does *not* want me to get today off.

So far I've added about 150 words, in three locations. Not quite done. Not Quite.

This after a run to Augusta to pick up reprinted chapbooks that were ready to go yesterday but which weren't picked up because I was finishing the revisions yesterday.
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Oh say can you see...

Can you see any comets tonight? Now that it's warming up to freezing I keep hoping to get some comet watching in. Tonight is out though, weatherwise, yet again.

If you're not in an area burdened with light pollution take a look at: to see if you've got a shot at something cometary tonight or tomorrow... I'm afraid the media mislead people by concentrating on naked eye comets you can see without trying from the middle of urban pollution zones. Meanwhile, lots of sense of wonder goes to waste.

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