March 15th, 2005


Next step

So far, so good. One set of revisions out of here. Still a niggling thought that I forgot something and still 30 hours until absolute deadline. If I remember it we might be able to fix it. Whatever it might be.

Trying to relax, but my shoulders hurt.

Guess I'll get a Pepsi now that the celebratory piece of blueberry muffin has been washed down. Warning, if you're tempted to buy Crusteaze Blueberry Muffin mix... don't. In the next week we'll
try a blueberry scone mix from someone else -- I think it's maine company. As for the muffin mix. Sigh. Yes, the blueberries were proper Maine low bush blueberries. But somehow I remember muffins having some substance to them, some body. These were (or are, since I made the potential mistake of freezing half of the batch)so bland that they needed butter, and so pitiful that trying to butter them meant ending up with buttered crumbs with blueberry specks. Max! appreciated the buttered hand...

Was hoping to go comet hunting tonight.... but... they're calling for flurries. Might as well hunt for snipe as comets when it snows!

Can't recall if I mentioned I've solved the chair-for-the-corner problem. We had a chair in the basement, bought at a yard sale... and I'd never quite got around to cleaning it up. In fact, I was under the impression that it needed fixing of some kind. However, with the application of a dust rag and some wax, we have a rather nice canadian rocker. I do want to replace or find soem seat covers for the cushions, but the cats have been lapping it up; sometimes I get Max! in the co-pilot seat next to me, Patia in the rocker, and Mozart on top some of the paper boxes. Sometimes they switch positions. The thing is... they seem much less inclined to fight for the co-pilot chair, and that's a relief.

I'm wondering the web for a bit. Back maybe tomorrow.
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