March 9th, 2005


Still snowing, lightly

OK, still snowing.

Made my first run at making it possible for us to get the cars out when the plow guy comes; we've got about a foot of fresh snow, a windchill of around -10F and air temps of around 12 F, and ice under the snow to make cleaning the car glass easy.

Yesterday... had some progress on Sword of Orion, heard from our agent that the German deal -- which now looks to include the first *three* Liaden novels -- ought to be a go, talked to my father who art in Florida who is fighting his computer (trying to get a USB 2 card into an old machine (sigh))... and otherwise I was fairly well in gear for much of the day, even discovering that Absolute Magnitude 21 is out. Hey, finally we share a cover with Lawrence Schoen!

Anyone know if Treasure Island, FL, has out-call computer help? Dad no longer drives and it's a fight carrying a computer around on the bus, as i understand it. It's also bit of run for us... and my father really *ought* to be back online.

Today: have to decide if we'll take those DVDs back unwatched or re-up them by phone. Else, it's a working day. Rolanni's closing in on key scenes in Crystal Dragon and I'm doing the same with the niggles on Sword of Orion.
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Florida Geeks and other such from today...

I spoke to my father this evening, who assures me that though the Geek Squad operates in his neighborhood ... he's not up to the rates. Apparently the computers in house are Win 98 (an Aptiva?)and earlier (Win 3.11). I was hoping to arrange a new Linux box for him later this year but the threatened bills for my upcoming dentistry put the kibosh to that idea.

I appreciate the suggestions and volunteering of info and people -- and if someone is actually close enough and willing to assist, let me know at and we'll arrange for phone connections so something can go forward.

Meanwhile, here it is March 9, and the current outdoor temperature is ... +2 degrees F, expecting lows around zero (0) or - maybe -2...or around -16C.... and we're looking toward:

chance of snow in the morning...then snow likely in the afternoon. Highs around 30. Chance of snow 60 percent. Lowest wind chill readings as low as 5 below in the morning.
Friday Night
Snow likely. Light snow accumulations possible. Not as cold. Chance of snow 60 percent.
Saturday and Saturday Night
Snow likely. Light snow accumulations possible. Highs around 30. Chance of snow 60 percent.

Friday is when we expect the shipment of Crystal Soldier to arrive on a big truck. Guess we'll use the sled to ferry them in from the road, 3 cases at a time.

Long day, somehow, so I'll go heat some dinner; Rolanni took the evening off after a rough day with the computer got her shoulder out of whack.

So, anyone with PHP experience and spare time out there? I have several domains I need to work on while the dentistry goes forth for the next few months....
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