March 7th, 2005


In gear

I'm somewhat in gear today; good thing, too, because it's time to
polish Sword of Orion. Got a couple roughs spots need sharpening...
and Erazius has to come clean in a not-quite-exactly-clear kind of way.
I only have a couple days to get these changes in...sigh.

Rolanni baked a cake today in celebration of Mozart's birthday...
which was a few days ago but we were off at a convention and we
don't let the cats use the oven when we aren't here. Got the ice cream
warming and the cake cooling, the twain to meet within moments.

Hey, it's snowing. Imagine!

More on next reasonable break.
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News From The Frontier

This just in:

DB, a long time reader of Liaden Universe stories, reports to us that he's read the hardcover
Crystal Soldier and that it's on the shelf at "Barnes and Noble out here in Citrus Heights, CA."

Go Citrus Heights! And, so much for the author's constant fear that every copy of a new book will be hijaacked for use as mulch in a garden in West Jersey.
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