February 18th, 2005


News .... re books and audiobooks

I have to get back to my chapter, but....

we heard today from Stephe Pagel. Crystal Soldier hardcovers have shipped from the printer, with some going directly to Meisha Merlin and the rest going to Diamond Distributors warehouse. Some could be in some stores as early as the end of next week, but more likely the week after. Please be on the lookout, since we're really curious as to which stores will get the books first and early under the new system.

Books for us to sign and ship will not be shipped to us until we are home from SheVaCon since our catsitter is not up to unloading a pallet or so of cartons of hardback books from an 18 wheeler parked curbside.

Note -- if you have pre-ordered Crystal Soldier and you show up at ShevaCon next week you *will* be able to pick up your book there, according to Stephe. He'll have the invoices with him to make this possible.

Also, one of two articles about the audiobook Local Custom is online at...

http://scifi.about.com/od/bookreviews/a/localcustom.htm and the second article is due in a couple days.

We intend to arrange a listen of the first chapter or two of the audiobook (raw edit) at Shevacon next week.

Haircut and truck-stuff took longer than expected, bills for both a little higher than expected. Sigh.
Meanwhile, it's snowing.