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it came out of the wordwork

Taking care of business
...been trying to take care of business:

SRM stuff --

*SRM has a banner ad up on Tangent Online
*Got in a quote on Mark Tiedemann's chapbook and
*Got three proposals for the cover...
*Worked a bit on the Lee&Miller collection, trying to get an approximate
page count so we can finish pricing it out. Looks like a little under 400 pages...
*Rolanni's on the road to Augusta to pick up the reprinted chapbooks
*Got the route to ShevaCon planned, still need to reserve the on-the-road hotel

house stuff --
*May have settled on a chair for the corner of my room, if only
one of the missing checks shows up in time to take advantage of the rebate,
else back to square one...
*Deck is 1/2 cleaned, I'll get the rest this afternoon, because they
say we're due snow and ice tonight

Writing stuff --

*Settling in for the last run at Sword of Orion (thanks John);
which means I'll be here but fitfully for the next few days.. .and it may be
the same for Rolanni.

*Why is it that when I'm really pushing on a novel...I come up with all
these short stories that want to be written right now?


Oh yeah, still trying to find a flu shot for Rolanni...

To whom it may concern
An interview....

About Local Custom Audiobook ...
and back to work for me. Oh yeah, eat your chocolate.