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it came out of the wordwork

Three hundred words before 11 am
Three hundred words on Sword of Orion ... before 11 am. Don't think I've ever had a book go quite like this. Have parts of the last chapter, intermittent scenes, still need to get rid of some T-names, know where somethings go but not how I get there. Chuton's a good name, right? It'd be real good to have a 2500 word day at the end of things.

In the last week, a couple requests from readers for more in the Tomorrow Log series. Thanks gang, just talk to the publisher. That'd be Meisha Merlin. Want more stuff in ebooks? Got to talk to Embiid. Waiting for that story set for Absolute Magnitude? ... check with the editor.

Took some doing, but by golly, there it is: Crystal Soldier ad on the front page of Locus. Sorry,(edit) that's locusmag.com. Coolness. Now if I can play this right we may end up with something for Machall. I got a cool start on that...

Besides getting some words in, I've packed 5 bags of redeemables to jam into the Blazer when it comes back from Augusta. Won't likely redeem them today, but they need to go someplace, else they'll overflow the closet. And besides, those nickels and dimes add up.

See that there Bush budget? Will it really destroy AMTRAK? Tell your congress-critters to put AMTRAK back-in, please, or we'll be limiting our con-going. Seriously. The range would work out to VA, WV,PA, CT, NY, MA, MD,NB, VT, NH... maybe eastern OH. Oh yeah, NJ and DE... that is if Delaware wants us. If things hit the fan too soon it could make getting to COSine a real problem. If the East Coast trains stay in the picture I guess we could also make it down to FL, GA, NC.

The administration wants to privatize everything? Cool -- make the airlines pay back all the transportation subsidies they get in the form of fedgov paying all that airline infrastructure stuff. Make the churches pay their taxes.

Buzzy Multimedia sent us a rough drawing of the neat promotional item they plan to work into pre-orders of Local Custom. I want one too! Anyhow, it is kind of neat, and it's their deal, so you'll have to wait until the designer gets done and the offer is online. They also sent a request for a photo for the CD package, which we sent on, and sent a copy of the Michael Shanks photo that will go on the package. We got a smaple to show us how Local Custom will be packed -- pretty convenient!

Rolanni is off on a grand-tour of the Central Maine environs, including making sure we've got milk and cheese in house since it looks like we could get two days of snow later in the week. Note to self -- but you can remind me! -- charge laptop. Let's see -- Check batteries and candles. Check dark chocolate. Bake a cake. You always want to bake a cake if it's going to snow... trick I learned from my mother.

Oh yeah, printed up 400 copies of the new newsletter; if the conversion works right I may post it as a PDF somewhere...

And time for a soda and some more words.

Snow on the way, they say...
Snow on the way, they say....

.. Winter Storm Watch in effect from Thursday to noon on Friday...

There is a potential for greater than 6 inches of snow to fall in the
watch area.

That aside...

Umm, what a day.

1: arrived in house today: a CD with the first two chapters of Local Custom audio production. We got to the end of chapter 02 and I wanted it to keep going... but there wasn't anymore. Cruel! Good job!

2: amazon sent out an email reminder that Crystal Soldier is due out RSN; while the Locusmag ad seemed to bring the amazon rankings from the 4000s to the 2000s to 1447, this has raised the amazon rankings to... #438 at 9:25. Hey, I don't watch the stock market, so this is my market thrill.

3: Spider statistics: 579 wins 169 losses = 77% (yes, it's on easy.. I use it to fiddle and think, not to challenge the ghods of the machine..) When I work downstairs I'm on the Linux machine and that's got Mah Jong on it.

And I've got a bunch of stuff set for tomorrow's writing, so cross fingers.

4: Didn't get 2500 words today on Sword of Orion but I got over 1000, and I'll take it.