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it came out of the wordwork

Very odd day
Updated one of our web pages today, made a new banner for those of you still seeing banners,
updated stuff, then fought like hell with N/Vu over how it wants me to do some stuff... yeah, I know,
I'm old fashioned. And by the time I catch up they'll be doing HTML 7.77, transitional. Of course that's what I get for importing an old page and trying to play with it like it's new.

Also got something over a mile in on the treadmill, cleaned up some stuff... can you tell I'm writing *really* hard?

The banner in question can be seen at: http://www.korval.com/liad.htm ... FWIW.

Writing needs done, really, tonight; looks like it'll most happen after we feed the cats, which argues for sandwich at the computer, which we don't do all that often.

Rumor (excited reader) says that for one hour Crystal Soldier was at 1979 at amazon; today we've seen it a couple times in the 2900 to 3400 range. Darn book's supposed to ship in just over two weeks... how we *ever* gonna catch up with JKR that way? Yeah, right. Also have heard from a reader that Balance of Trade is in several libraries in Australia. That's cool.

Bad news -- Belfast has decided to turn the Belfast and Moosehead Railroad out into the cold...
http://news.mainetoday.com/apwire/D880L3FO0-32.shtml ... so another reason for us to look at Brewer or Old Orchard Beach in a couple years.

Tomorrow and Friday need to be busy days on the writing front... sigh. So does tonight.