February 1st, 2005


Calling all Librarians... experienced authors ... experienced publishers....

and anyone else with a clue about this stuff:

we just got off the phone with Stephe Pagel at Meisha Merlin, and we're informed that Meisha Merlin will be joining forces with Diamond Distribution.... at the annual ALA Conference... in Chicago in June. MM will have their full display booth, likely including art, for three days in the exhibit hall. Both Stephe, as Publisher, and Kevin, as Art Director, expect to be there.

Meisha Merlin has effectively zero experience at library convention and want to know what's the most useful or most effective thing they can have available to attendees, aside from, say, free books. They asked me, since I was a working librarian at several points in my checkered career. True... but I've never been to the ALA (sigh) and when I was acquiring I was usually acquiring material I already knew something about.

While MM may have a limited number of freebies... what they really want to do is have people stop by the Meisha Merlin booth and come away with what they need to make decisions to order books by Meisha Merlin's stable of writers .. including us.

One person has suggested pre-printed checklists -- book names followed by check-offs for age appropriateness, graphic sex, violence, etc... -- but that's an "I dunno" to me since what some people see as sweet-and-touching others see as rude or pornographic.

So, have any of you been to the ALA or similar events, and two, what do you think works? Pads with Meisha Merlin's basic info? Postcards of important books?

Please feel free to chime in, or to ask librarians you know...

Oh yeah, one more thing... we seem to be working on the just-in-time-delivery model once again. Crystal Soldier is scheduled to ship from the printers exactly one week before the time we expect to be arriving at Shevacon. Winter shipping, aaaiiieeee....
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