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it came out of the wordwork

Just shy of halfway and fragmentary thoughts
I'm just shy of halfway through the first draft of Sword of Orion, this by a wordcount mode. 246 words shy of halfway from my target length. I decided not to push and cross the symbolic line when I typed a sentence and realized I'd just typed the same sentence, one line above. Yes, a longish day at the keyboard. Oh yeah, I also have notes for a bunch of scenes, and those will go fast. A good day, but I'm really tired.

Mitigating factors: or why I'm not just worn out and frazzled. I'm even cheerful...

I see Ricky Craven has a ride with Roush(?) Racing this year, running in the trucks. Cool. Truck racing is kinda nifty. And I really am glad to see he's not got that stupid Tide Orange all over his truck and driving suit.

The Terrapins are on a whirl in basketball. Knocked off two big guns in one week. Go Terps!

Crystal Soldier broke 3,000 at amazon for a couple hours today, hitting 2665. That's neat. Next week is the Super Bowl -- maybe next week we'll break 1000 for a few hours. Of course CS was 1178 or so at Amazon.ca today -- I guess the Canadians appreciate being able to buy it locally...

Rolanni and I had a leisurely lunch during which I shared my notes/drafted scene for the ending of Sword. I needed clarity for a scene I was doing in the middle and figured the best way to do that was write a draft last scene to see who was still standing at the end. Note -- I usually don't do it this way.

I had good help today, with both Patia and Max! hanging in with me a lot of the time. There seems to be some rivalry for the co-pilot's chair so I really *do* need to get a nice recliner or equivalent chair for the corner of the room. Maybe I'll win $200 on a scratch-off ticket and be able to afford something nice.

I see that SFWA *will* have a contested race for President. This is a good thing. SFWA members should cheer. Huzza Huzza Huzza! We have a VP candidate, which is good, too. Huzza. No one in this house is running for SFWA office at this time -- quadruple Huzza!

Jon Singer's car is back. This is good. Who sawed/took Jon's car is another question. The cops seem unconcerned, but the car is back. They took his chocolate and left a bag of chewin bacca. What what fiends!

I broke down and joined the Scientific American Book Club. If i'm not carefully I may end up re-upping National Geographic after a 30 year lapse. One of my join-now choices was an astronomy book, one was on building siege engines, one was a sociological study....

And now, for supper.