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it came out of the wordwork

How I spent part of my Saturday...sigh.
With writing to do, I kept having the niggling feeling that I was forgetting something.
But what... I'd put socks on, talked to my mother this week, turned the heat up in the basement...

Ooops. But see, Rolanni and I sort of hand-off PR duties month by month, one month mine, next hers...
and this is my month. Was my month. Whatever. So it was time for an Infodump, which is below. And
which has gone out to USENET, the Liaden Universe mailing list, and the regular infodump folks.

I also have to do better about getting flyers out to conventions. If you're
going to a convention and have room for flyers, let me know... if you've got flyers
we can reciprocate, some can go in SRM Publisher mailings since...
we're not going too many places this year.. ShevaCon is coming up and since we're driving
we may have room for some to go.

Liaden Universe(R) Infodump #41


_Crystal Soldier_, the newest Liaden Universe(R) novel by Sharon Lee
and Steve Miller, will be hitting bookstores worldwide next month. This the beginning of a two-book series about Jela and Cantra and the very start of the Liaden adventure.

Meisha Merlin is promising it will be shipped in time for the book
to "break" at SheVaCon in Roanoke Virginia on February 25th. Barnes and Noble thinks _Crystal Soldier_ will hit the shelves February 28th; Amazon.com is currently predicting a February 11 ship date.

Meanwhile, Meisha Merlin reports there's still over 100 copies of the
_Crystal Soldier_ allotment available for pre-signing by the authors if you order direct from http://www.meishamerlin.com;
you've got about 10 days to get that order in! This is the biggest
number available this close to publication since Plan B!


_Balance of Trade_ in a Meisha Merlin trade paper edition is now at
fine bookshops worldwide, including both Amazon.com and BN.com, after a period of confusion when they'd said the book wasn't available at all.

Worldwide? Right, _Balance of Trade_ is the first Meisha Merlin
published Lee & Miller book distributed by Diamond Distribution.
We've already had reports from Canada that the books are making
inroads there -- so if you're outside the US drop us a note at to let us know cheever1@starswarmnews.com if you see _Balance of Trade_ or _Crystal Soldier_ -- or any Lee & Miller books, for that matter, on the shelves.


The good folks at Buzzy Multimedia report that they spent a very good
week or so in Vancouver, BC, Canada where Michael Shanks read Liaden
Universe(R) classic _Local Custom_ for the upcoming audiobook. Shanks, known for his role as Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG1, recorded in a small studio especially equipped to the high technical standards required for audiobook production.

Now in final production, the audiobook is currently set for "spring"
-- please watch the website at http://buzzymultimedia.com/ for details on pre-ordering or to try one of their other audio editions. There is a rumor of a "pre-order special," so it's worth checking back.

Meanwhile, Michael Shanks has been interviewed by the official StarGate magazine about his experience narrating _Local Custom_, and Joy Poger of Buzzy Multimedia has been interviewed by the official Michael Shanks website at: http://www.michaelshanks-online.com ... watch for a Lee and Miller interview there as well in the upcoming months.


SheVaCon 13, February 25-27, in Roanoke, VA is the only scheduled
convention stop of the Liaden Universe World Tour in 2005. The authors are on a return engagement as Special Guests; convention Guests of Honor are writer L.E. Modesitt, Jr., and Artist Tim Hildebrandt; Master of Ceremonies is Rikk Jacobs. Other scheduled guests include Laura Underwood, John Ringo, David B. Coe, Eric Flint, David Drake, and Stephen Pagel. Visit the ShevaCon website at:
http://www.shevacon.org for details. The convention will be held at the very comfortable Holiday Inn Roanoke Tanglewood, 4468 Starkey Rd,
Roanoke, VA 24014. If you read this and show up, please let us know at the convention, where we hope to have breakfast with some fans.


COSine, the annual Colorado Springs SF convention at the foot of
Pikes Peak has named Liaden Universe(R) authors Sharon Lee and Steve
Miller as Guests of Honor for 2006. The convention happens in mid
January (hotel dates to be firmed soon); past guests ave included
Barbara Hambly and Joe Haldeman. Want to plan ahead? The
website is: http://www.stardel.com/cosine/index.html where they
share space with the active First Friday Fandom. By the way, if you want to help make this a really good time, presupporting memberships are a mere $25. Send check or money order to: COSine, PO Box 50618, Colorado Springs CO 80949-0618


The electronic version of _Balance of Trade_ is one the
finalists for the Eppie Awards for best ebook science fiction of the
year. _Balance of Trade_ is an Embiid ebook --
and sample chapters are available online at Embiid.


Special Deal on Liaden Universe(R) Chapbooks...

Save 23% if you buy all 10 Liaden Universe chapbooks at once....
see http://www.korval.com/srmcat2.htm ...

We're hearing that _Balance of Trade_ and _Crystal Soldier_ are bringing in new Liaden readers. This special from SRM Publisher will make it easier for readers to catch up on the full Liaden experience. Only need *some* of the chapbooks? At this price you can fill out your collection and give the rest as gifts...


it was a pretty day. I took Patia out on the deck after I did some finescale shoveling
there and on the steps (just missed a bad fall yesterday on the ice on the steps... now gone....)
and did a bit of writing on current1.rtf today. More writing, i suspect,
after we feed the cats, which is coming right up.

Oh yeah. Read a creepy piece in the local paper -- picked up from the WAPO I think...
about how reporters got followed around by official snitches during the inauguration.
Not doing anything except watching who the reporters spoke to, and being obvious about it.
Talk about a stupid way to deal with the press...

When I get a moment I really may have to start another newspaper. As if being owner
part owner, or editor of half a dozen tabs in the last 40 years hasn't been enough.
But if I *do* start a new newspaper...
I'll need reporters and correspondents.

Meanwhile, to quote the great JerryP,
yea flipping ghods, I've got a book to write!