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it came out of the wordwork

Snowing and blowing and I'm trying to get centered to write
The wind's picked up a bit, and when it's 9 degrees F (-13 C) that means it's chill out, alright. Officially cool, I'd say -- Windchill: -5 °F / -20 °C.

I can see the turkeys huddling in the woods out back; I'm afraid that our little acre of woods has been adopted as the best hang-around location since the neighbors finished demolishing the apple orchard. We can't afford to feed the turkeys really; they've been getting by on what's left of the random apple tree and our berry bushes and whatever the squirrels and small birds kick off the deck's birdfeeders.... wonder what kind of bushes I can plant to help get them through next year.

So far today I've sent out a couple request for blurbs for Mark Tiedemann's upcoming SRM Publisher chapbook, I've sent out a couple reading copies (via email) for people offering to comment, and done a bunch of SRM housekeeping including faxes and such. Did some detail work on Mark's chapbook, which is not really ready to go, except for to the SF pro willing to comment. That all happened after a snowy run to the car dealer to have the rear wiper motor replaced on the Blazer -- let's hope they get it done today. I didn't think to tell them *not* to replace the wiper since we'll probably want to add one of the new kind we discovered the other day, but hey -- if it works, it works.

I've been wandering close to Sword of Orion in odd moments -- haven't really started in on the writing part today though I have nibbled at some minor fixes and expansions of yesterday's words.

Birds visible out the office window right now: pine siskin, sparrow, nuthatch, tufted titmouse, turkey, blue jay, crow. Cats in room with me, none. Cats visible -- Patia in the hall. Scrabble is back on good terms with me -- a little while ago she wasn't so pleased since I held her while Rolanni performed an impromptu nail clip.

A box lunch today, sort of imitation chinese.

I see the Jack Chalker's condition is improving somewhat, which is a good thing. http://www2.caringbridge.org/md/jacklchalker/

We have the provisional schedule for ShevaCon, and good for them, we have it at about a month out. Shevacon starts February 25th in Roanoke. Be there or be square! We're still looking for additions to the Friends of Liad type breakfast if you're within reasonable driving distance....

And ... oh goody, I get to moderate a panel with John Ringo, Allen Wold, David Drake, and Stephen Euin Cobb, my first thing on Friday afternoon.... Saturday I'll be taking part in the workshop Mr. Wold always runs there, and I see I'm on a military SF panel (hhmmmm well, I guess I can read up on the topic, since it's not my line. I may write about soldiers from time to time, but not really about the military).... Oh, a winner! Rolanni and I will be on a panel moderated by David Coe (that's good) about Corruption of the Hero -- that ought to be a gooder. Yikes, it looks like I haven't managed to snag a single panel with Laura Underwood, though. Oh yeah, we *did* get a reading. Bad news -- it's at 6:00 PM on Saturday, so I suspect a light crowd. And I also see that I'm not scheduled to be on any of the panels with GoH Lee Modesitt, which is a shame. Lee is good folks and an excellent panelist.

Sword of Orion calls.... it would be good to get another 2200 word day in.