January 19th, 2005


cool and breezy

Woke to the sound of a wine cork being bounced off the wall by a cat.

Up and down the hall again, and off the wall again.

I didn't know for sure it was a wine cork until I went to investigate.

4:17 AM.

Temperature inside, 61.1 degrees F.

Temperature outside via remote thermometer, -20.6 degrees F.

Back to bed until a civilized time, having put the cork out of play temporarily.

Today's job: read the first 45,000 words of the very rough draft of Crystal Dragon,
trying to spot the wrong turn, if there is one.

Later this week, if not this evening, back to Sword of Orion, with the words of
the editor in my backbrain. Not a wrong turn to fix, but a "bit of a trim" early on.
Two other deadline related things to do, then maybe catch-up on some want-ta-dos...

Meanwhile, Crystal Soldier is selling well at Amazon.com, although it isn't out yet. Oddly, it
seems to be selling as well or better than Balance of Trade's paper edition, which *is* out
but lacks a current advertising push.

Things in the works: so far we've been asked to several conventions in 2006. Looks like 2006 will be
a traveling year. If you know of a con near you you'd like to see us at, talk to them. Most major convention weekends are still open for 2006; but we're basically off for 2005 after ShevaCon so
I can take care of these dental things.

Coming to Sheva 2005? Let us know -- we're trying to put together a Friends of Liad type breakfast.
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