January 16th, 2005


Checking in, briefly

Yes, I'm glad LJ is back.

For the record, the temperature is 17 F (-8 C) and we have snow. More snow due -- up to about 4 in inches, and then snow showers tomorrow afternoon. Whee...

Did some business as SRM Publisher Ltd over the last few days... we'll have a chapbook in the spring by an author who had a story in Low Port. Will give details later in the week.

We have enough of a partial rough draft to be sending a portion of Sword of Orion on to our editor for a looksee. Movement happens.

My office tune-up continues. Much slower than I ought to be at this, but I somehow lack a vision of what I want the writing office to actually be/look like anymore. It doesn't help that my office was "the girl kids room" under a former regime, meaning the floor is covered in am ancient pinkish short shag rug. Am considering putting a folding door on my in-and-out door -- as it is the door to the room blocks the door to the closet, big time. There is room for a reading chair, if I can find an affordable one.

Actually, I have a vision for the office. However the office of my vision overlooks either a bay or distant wooded view with a river in it. Alas, the office view I have at the moment is a wooded view -- but the trees start at about 15 feet from the window so I can't see the forest for.... I can see the birds in the staging trees on the way to the birdfeeder, though, so that's something.

Slow night. Patia is at my side making little ooopy begging noises -- I guess someone else got the last of her cat food. Oh, and Amazon seems to be admitting having most of our books tonight,which we'll call a good thing.

Meanwhile. I may have to start this arrival scene over, which I hate to do.
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