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it came out of the wordwork

Trickle down
Trickle down....

that's the snowflakes. One or two at a time, if you look hard. Elsewise it looks misty... which means another Maine strange morning, temperature outside in low 20s, warm enough to shovel part of the deck in my long-sleeve Fritz's shirt (that's the denim shirt with the steam engine on it for those of you who have seen me traveling) and...warm enough that I can almost believe the predicted high in the 40s, and so I didn't bother to clean the whole deck...

Had a real adrenal surge last night when my computer locked just after I'd finished a good run of writing. Ack! Pffttt (hi Bill!) gave the household a charge, it did, especially when I looked -- after reboot -- at the end of the piece I'd been working on. And it showed no change from the start...

Finally I realized what happened, and that in fact the last 5 lines were the only part that hadn't been saved in autosave, and the last five lines were only working notes that I've been updating rarely....so I had them elsewhere. So I backed the file up over network to Rolanni's hard drive, and to the 80 gig free-standing Maxtor, too.

Then Rolanni (considering my problem to be a warning) decided to back-up on CD -- and the program threw fits at her, multiple times.... aiieee....

Finally she realized it was choking on the inclusion of the photofiles, and she got a quick CD back-up of all the writing and SRM files, no problem....

Phew. So, along with our multicheese sandwich, a glass of the red.

Last evening's wine: Long Flat Cabernet Shiraz Malbec. 2002. Australia. That's 80% Cabernet, 10% Shiraz, 10% Malbec. My compliments to the Long Flat folks. Inexpensive but nice.

PSA -- Jack Chalker weblink
In case you haven't heard that Jack Chalker is extremely ill, he
is hospitalized and has the likelihood of more surgery.

Eva has set up a site at CaringBridgel; she asks this link be shared with friends
and fans.


Jack's still apparently not responsive to much.