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it came out of the wordwork

A comet greenly shines...
Comet Machholz...

was a diversion I needed. I got to see it last night, between snow showers -- it's definitely
green! With real clear viewing I located a very wispy patch with my eyes, but takes binoculars or a telescope to see it well...


And then again tonight. The temperature is falling and I likely won't
get the cope out for a 23 second shivering look. Tonight, facing a bit south/south east it's almost directly overhead, to the left of the seven sisters, I think...

Ran to Augusta today when the chapbook reprints were done a day early. Good thing;
tomorrow looks to be nasty weather. So, we're now into the second printing
of With Stars Underfoot. Guess I should have had faith and done a bigger first.

Heard from friends that they'd read J. Hetley's Summer Country and Winter Oak....
cool. I like them both. Now one friend wants an advance of Local Custom to listen to.
Rightttt....that's where that line forms....

Publisher promises copies of SFBC and trade paper versions of Balance of Trade,
as well as a copy of Crystal Solider ARC are in the mail. I used to laugh about the

the "seven foot shelf of Lee and Miller books" back when there were two paperbacks total...ho,ho,ho. But now, between multiple paperback editions, the regular hardbacks, the red leather-bound editions a friend did
for us, the overseas editions, the chapbooks, the magazines.... I'd guess we're up to close to
needing a nine foot shelf. And that's for the fiction.

Otherwise, have some words to get done tonight, and more tomorrow, but am left recalling that I have not found those photos of Anna I was looking for. Peanut gallery, please feel free to check
out your own Liaden Lounge pix, and let me know if you have one I can share. Also, thanks for the notes here and in email about Anna. More when I'm not running in all directions at once.