January 9th, 2005


Days go by

If you who have attended the last few Worldcons may have had an opportunity to meet our friend -- and Friend of Liad -- Anna Vargo.

I've known Anna since the 1970s, when she was of that traveling group of young east coast fans who seemed to make most of the same conventions without fail. Later she moved to Seattle, and seeing her at conventions was less certain, though she was among the first in the signing line at BucConeer -- our first major convention "back" after Stephe Pagel and Meisha Merlin brought news of Plan B and a publishing schedule for more Liaden books.

Anna was extremely quiet in most groups, and though she had a winning smile and a quick wit, she was always willing to let someone else have the limelight. Anna joined us at several FoL functions at NoreasCon 3; I'll have to see if we have some photos.

Anna died in Seattle, at about two minutes after midnight, this morning. She'd been diagnosed with cancer immediately after WorldCon; neither the chemotherapy nor the radiation were able to make headway against it.

Anna spent the last few days of her life in hospice-type care in her own place, with friends and family reading to her and sharing news from the Caringbridge guestbook that had been set up for her.

We have a beautiful sunny day here in East Winslow, but it's just not as bright as it should be.
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