January 8th, 2005


Snowed all day

Snowed all day? Well, not all day.

Snow started while we were at the Railroad Square matinee of Finding Neverland. The movie was quite an impressive, nay powerful!, effort by all concerned and it was lent some additional strength for us, I suspect, because of Anna.

Meanwhile, we'd started the day at Big G's, a restaurant where everything is served oversize -- Rolanni's blueberry pancake was the size of a plate and my two pumpkin pancakes were almost as large. Note to self -- order a meal we can split next time we go there.

We also stopped into Home Depot to assess the possibility of making the bedroom closet useful. It's a tiny closet, but fairly tall; mayne the right shelving will help. Rolanni's tracking down the websites of the stuff we saw today to see if we can get design help...

Got some words in tonight, not quite as many as the last two days, but not a bad session and it sets up some action scenes, which always seem to write themselves in a rush. Had to pause and look up some astronomy stuff along the way -- I love the internet!

Speaking of setting up action scenes, I wonder how many other writers raise their blood pressure or heart rates when they write that kind of stuff. Looks like a good action scene is worth about 8 to 15 points on the blood pressure for me!

Still snowing. Did I mention that our weather forecast was for "scattered snowshowers"? At the moment I have about 5 inches of scattered on the deck.
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