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it came out of the wordwork

A couple thousand words and other things
Got a few thousand words down in Sword today and tonight. Rolanni's patience a big help since I've
managed to work two hours plus past dinner time. I've also got a better grip on a couple of the
murky bits our editor was willing to let us wing on; and I've put people on a really bland
planet with almost no plate tectonics and very few sunspots and etc... take that you folks
who want the "there is no weather today" weather forecast I came across for one location
on earth....

Tired. Watching a blog for inevitable news will do that. A glass of wine and a candle in the name
of, tonight. Sigh.

O yeah, gotta give Rolanni her boombox back. Think I located a place where my will work in the room...
tonight I worked with the rock station on. One day I'll expand on my young-poet self and how I would go sit at the snack bar on big league nights at the local bowling alley, play the jukebox, and write poetry until the last bowlers were thrown out, and sometimes later. Sometimes noise is better than silence for concentration and expression.

Patia is sleeping on the co-pilot's chair beside me, putting out sleep rays. Nearly midnight means I ought to
get dinner, eh?

Warren playing, thinking Anna.

why doesn't LJ's spellcheck know what a blog is?