January 5th, 2005


Short and suite

No, wait...

Three things going on:

1. Jerel has picked up speed, which is good. I'm fairly busy right now. Back when I get a chance.

2. Had to check something while writing, and it googily got me this page:
which actually had something do with what I was looking for...

3. Barnes & Noble and Amazon both admit that Balance of Trade has reached them, haroo.
B&N says it'll ship in 1 to 3 days or something like. Amazon says something else, and we've mentioned it to the PTB in the hopes that something will be done RSN.

Wish I had time to work up some science fictiony stuff of the sort talked about in #2. I dunno, maybe...

The gay run blew up in his hand?
The slying faucer lash cranded?

I'm off -- but you knew that, I bet.
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