January 3rd, 2005


Cats in the morning and household stuff

There are secrets in all families...

yes, I know, we used that already. Not only are there secrets, there are also strange family habits. Rolanni puts cranberry sauce on turkey sandwiches. I put cranberry sauce on mashed potatoes. Really -- the cranberry sauce on mashed potatoes is a family tradition; my brothers and I all do it, and so do some of their families, all apparently started by my mother's habit of putting cranberry sauce on my oldest brother's food when he was young.

... and also a family tradition of sorts, here, is that one of the male cats almost always helps me shave and get ready in the morning. That used to happen quite frequently, the "getting ready in the morning," back when I had real world jobs and had to be presentable to the world of work at 7:07 am...

I guess Archie started it: he used to come in and perch on the edge of the sink while I washed my face, combed my hair, scissored my wild face hair... and even when I used the electric razor or used the rare but sometimes needed hairdryer. He'd also insist that I shave *him.*

To shave Archie I'd reverse the electric razor in my hand and run it around his head and cheek, but only after I'd done the same for myself. I guess he liked the vibrations....He also liked to have his hair brushed -- that accomplished by using the back of my brush -- a brush or two for me, a brush or two for him.

Max! found Archie's book somewhere. Max! is going to the vet's this morning for a checkup. That means I'm up and about and doing my morning face stuff... which means Max! has been helping, and by the way, I'm not really done if I haven't at least squirted a bit of my shaving cream onto my hand so that Max! can inspect and approve it.

So, to something hot to drink and feed the cats. Ah, feeding cats, another happy morning tradition here in the land of East Winslow near Unity.

Max! move! Watch out Scrabble, please. MO, that's not yours. Patia, get over here... Max!.... here's your pill. Mo, leave him alone....
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