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it came out of the wordwork

Up and running
Took yesterday mostly off; went out to breakfast, shopped for a few minor things in an art supply store, stopped in a bookstore, drove home the back way in the snow, stopped and picked up an on-sale boombox for music in my office, and then found an on-sale DVD rack, and several nice stainless steel kitchen accesories... watched the snowfall... which is still happening. We have a bright new dish drainer (what a difference it can make to the way a kitchen looks, hey?) and have sorted the CDs and DVDs and pulled some old VHS tapes that'll need replacing in a modern format....

This morning -- it was snowing. Wrote some messages to some LJ people. checked three email accounts, called in the 2.5 inches or so of snow we have here to the weather folks in Gray (it's up to 9 degrees. Now I need to go get a cookie.

So, got my word processor open, my notes beside me, have fed the birds and the cats and myself, have Pepsi in hand and more in the refrigerator... will start in about 11, come out for lunch around 2, back in to work around 3, and out around 7 when the cats need to be fed again.

That's the plan, anyhow.