December 25th, 2004


Quiet day at home

We're having a quiet day at home; not sure if Rolanni has even been outside today, other than to carry Scrabble (the cat, not the game) on a quick visit to the deck.

Me? I'be been out and circled the house looking at how little snow is left on the property... and also making sure that Scruffy, the neighbor's cat, wasn't hiding in wait for the birds since the birds all seemed to want a little extra seed now that the temperature is dropping again.

But here, let me quote from something I sent out to the Friends of Liad mailing list earlier today...

we had a discussion with the good folks at Meisha
Merlin (just before they left for the holidays) who told us that
Balance of Trade -- the softcover -- has been printed and shipped. To
surprise us... we got about 5 copies of the Balance of Trade soft
cover cover (just the cover, not the book!) Fedexed in late
Christmas Eve. Looks good; it'll take a discerning eye to see the
differences between the soft cover cover and the hard cover cover....
(why does spellcheck want to yell at me, I wonder?)

Meanwhile... Barnes and Noble is reporting that the softcover will be
available for shipping as of Tuesday, December 28. That's exactly
what the nice folks at the Augusta B&N told us the other day -- that
they were expecting books to start showing up in stock on the 28th.

So, please, be on the lookout, and if you happen to work at a
bookstore, have a friend who does, or just happen to stop by one --
please let us know when you see the elusive Balance of Trade soft
edition with your own eyes...

Have a good day and if you're still celebrating... a good week -- and
heck, while we're at it -- a good year. And watch the skies: we hope
to have some more news sometime around the end of January...

And so, time for some pumpkin pie. Decisions, decisions.

Also, a question. How many timepieces are there in the LOTR extended version?
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