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it came out of the wordwork

Hot time in the country
Woke up to the sound of Patia complaining that the cat food bowls were empty. Loudly. She also sounded like she was scrounging for meal tickets. When I got up and paid her attention she gave me her very best toothy leg hug to insist that there was no cat food.

She lied. Only her bowl was empty. I "fixed" things by taking part of each of the other three bowls and filling hers. She had a few bites, then Max! came in and ate like it was breakfast times, and Mozart had to get up to see who was eating without him. The Kid, elsewise known as Scrabble, sleeps on in the loft.

Outside temperature is 39, inside is 69... at just about 3 am... yuck! Rolanni had put the nice down comforter on the bed the other day when the inside temp was 58 and the outside was -9 F. Sigh... I can hear water dripping from trees. Loosing the snow, just in time for Christmas. Sad thing is that snow cover is light this year so far, so it may *all* go before things get seasonal again.

Family stuff contributing to staying awake: Uncle Dick -- that would be the source of my full names's Richard -- died at age 75, last week, in Washington state. My father had spoken to him by phone from Florida several nights in a row following Uncle Dick's heart attack the week before, and things were thought to be looking up. Alas, something about the Miller family slows some news down; I didn't hear about this until Monday night, I guess it was. There was other news and commentary from my father, who really hates the fact that Florida has "twice helped crown King George..."

Meanwhile, my mother and stepfather quietly celebrated their 47th anniversary on the solstice, in Owings Mills, Maryland. I talked to them by phone... and neither mentioned the king.

Here, Jerel got moving before dinner, though I actually had to pull an RTFM on myself to make it happen. Used a somewhat attitudinal OpenOffice reference to deal with the auto completion so I could reset the default. Auto complete by default is.... annoying ... at best. The reference I have -- OpenOffice.Org 1.0 Resource Kit, I think it is -- described the results of auto completion as "bizarre and sometimes frightening." I didn't check to see if I've met the author of the manual... but I share the sentiment.

I've put Patia to sleep with my typing, if not you, too. The temperature in the house has remained steady though the outside temperature has plunged yo a mere sultry 38.4 according to my remote. Blech. How is anyone supposed to sleep in this heat?

Oh yeah, baked Christmas cookies today. Yea, us.

Time for a nap before breakfast.