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it came out of the wordwork

Mixed weather, mixed news
Snow off-and-on for the next few hours they say; we had some snow overnight last night...
so with luck, and if the rain due later in the week is moderate, we're on track for a white Yule, which is cool.

In other news, Jerel's figured out that the people who stunned her probably aren't friends. She's decided to leave. A plan is in the works.

Elsewhere, longtime SF writer and fan Jack Chalker, who helped me in my early days of serious fannishness as well as giving me some useful advice as a pro, is in the hospital, on a ventilator, in Carroll County, Maryland.

Jack suffered a heart attack several years ago and has never quite regained his vigor; the latest hospitalization is taking quite a toll on the family both emotionally and financially. There's a Chalker Family Emergency fund going directly to them through Paypal. If you're interested, you can visit his wife's blog -- that'd be "Would you Eva" at http://www.qis.net/~ewhitley/eva/ -- for details on this situation, which started about December 7. There's also a support page (currently built in part by one of his sons) available at http://www.jackchalker.com/news.htm . According to an undated note on that page Jack's had another setback.


Tomorrow, to the store to stock up for the holidays, and then another run with Jerel, who really seems to want to get up to speed. Tonight, we finish decorating the tree.