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it came out of the wordwork

Zero down
O degrees F. THAT'S the temperature, US style, right after breakfast as Rolanni trundles off to Waterville with Max! ensconced in the jump seat for his second trip to the vet in as many days. This one, we think, is a follow-up. Yesterday he needed some hydration... we *think* this is a result of his thyroid medicine.

IN the night I saw the outside temp was as low as -3; last night it was -7 at one point. I really *do* want a weather station....

I expect to be stopping by in small bundles in the next month; push is coming to shove with the Jerel story.
I'll be devoting an hour or so a day to SRM Publisher stuff, a bit to my normal correspondence, and much more to the adventures of our wanderer.

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for editorial assistance for a web project. Sigh. Eventually. More on that as time goes on. First I pack orders, then I'm off to work on Sword Of Orion.

Flying cats

Hit the go switch and remembered I wanted to mention this:


which is a story of using an air-taxi to move stray cats to better homes. Though Mozart wasn't a stray,
he did get here largely by air, so this hits close to home.

Now the basement is warmed up, I have Pepsi and orders in hand -- time to pack.