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it came out of the wordwork

Snowed all day
Snowed all day...

...and no accumulation. Phooey or pfui.

Jerel and I have been talking. Not a *lot* of writing, but some talking and some writing. This is good.

Elsewise, a day of small advances. Some business done via the internet. Some catching up. Made dinner, had good bread with it. I see the Ravens are winning, which is a relief. My blood pressure was well under 120. Cool. See, nowadays there's not only hypertension but pre-hypertension to be concerned with. Kind of like pre-dating and pre-marital sex, I guess. If you're not careful you can get in trouble.

In fact, if you have any blood pressure, you're in a pre-hypertensive mode, unless you have hypertension or the very rare hypotension. Ask your pretabout for more information.

The Ravens haven't scored this quarter. Uh oh. The Giants have scored. Uh Oh. OK, under two minutes to go, they're playing for pride and the Ravens for the win.

I've had 3 megs worth of virus files emailed to me this weekend. We fight anarchy everyday.