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it came out of the wordwork

Good cat
Has his MBA...


meanwhile it looks like I have a day of catching up on little stuff like clearing the deck of snow and ice,
cleaning cat boxes, packing new orders, and such before a few hours of writing this evening. We still haven't seen the official letter, but we're told Balance of Trade is a finalist in the Eppie Awards.... every little bit helps.

BTW, I figure one more week to get orders to SRM if you want them before the holidays and you're in the US. Also, Rolanni's Barnburner has seen a sudden surge. If you're thinking of a good mystery for a gift you better grab one soon since we're low and it takes more than a week to get them reprinted -- and that's when the printer isn't busy. This time of the year, he's busy.

Off to the basement.... in just a sec.

Guess what? Still a flake or two coming out of the sky, from time to time, and now turkeys eating winterfall from the apple tree across the way.