December 5th, 2004


Big news ? No...

Bought a mouse today --

the Logitec USB light Mouse was going slowly wonky on me ... tried it on different ports and cleaned it and... still wonky in several apps. Tried cleaning it. Not change. So... it is several years old and I said heck with it, all this twitching is bugging my wrist, big-time. Well, I said something translatable as that, anyway.

So... took myself to Staples and bought another, off-brand light mouse for under $10. With a rebate. Also picked up that WI-FI/G router that was on sale, which I'll play with later in the month , so we can laptop about the place on those cold winter months. So Sharon's cute keyboard can get some honest work. So we can have an idea of what people are talking about when they tell us about defending against war-driving... Right. So we need another geek toy, is what I'm saying. And I was good. Did not buy another printer. Nor did I buy the Athlon-64 desktop with 180 gig hard drive and DVD-R. Despite being sore tempted, I did not. Pat me on the back. Sore tempted, I was. I am. Sigh. Look away folks, some people have these problems.

Have been working hard at finding room in my room, including the triage of some old software and manuals. Probably a couple grand worth of things like "The World Wide Web Unleashed -- 1996". Moving some stuff to give me elbow room.

I wonder how many feet worth of old modem cable I have in the house. Maybe I ought to do some charity thing -- have people offer to donate a nickel or dime or dollar per foot for all these old RJ-11 jobbies I have and then some folks could come by with a couple yard-sticks and measure it. Then we could give the cash to the cat-shelter and the cables to someone who might actually use them. Later in the week I'll take some of the junk off the wall and put up some other junk. I need a place to display all these old geegaws people have given me.

Geegaws, he says. Hah! Let's be honest -- feline representations.

Right. Cats. Plastic cats. Wooden cats. Metal cats. Anonymous cats. Name brand cats. Serious cats. Comic cats. Stuffed cats... sigh. You'd think I have a thing about cats if you didn't know me better.


Jerel and I have been discussing things the while; Rolanni can tell you I do this. I begin "projects" when I'm working. If you find me scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen in the same day, I'm working. If I bake a cake, some biscuits, and two loves of bread the same day, I'm working. And so it goes.

Why is it that people send me all these cat things, anyway? C'mon Max!, you're sitting on the paper box and I gotta reload the paper. And Scrabble, you'll have to put that pen down. DOWN! That's the official signing pen.

Gotta move this box with all the cat pictures in it, and then feed the cats. Must be almost over this cold, I guess. Catch you when I can. With luck, chess tomorrow night.
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