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it came out of the wordwork

Eagle Sighted

we sighted an eagle on the way to our meeting today -- perhaps an omen! Maybe just good timing, eh? We met this morning with a printing salesman to discuss possibilities for our collection of the first five Liaden chapbooks into a trade paper or even hardback.

So, we met him at Jorgenson's (the place to schmooze in Waterville in the morning) where he was kind enough to treat Rolanni to a blueberry coffee and me a steamed eggnog. Gave him info, collected info, gave him a sample book to get a sample estimate. Looks like we might have something here... then we rolled to the PO, and then home, waiting for news of Max!

My cold is still bugging me, but with word from Carla that the chapbooks were done, I headed south to Augusta while Rolanni kept phone-watch. The trip was calm -- good music on the radio, mostly good driving, except in Augusta where the old "big bridge" was shut for inspection now that the new one is open, and traffic was wildly ignoring suggested detour routes.

So, Max! will get pilled, was the news from Rolanni, for hyperthyroidism. Other news -- the second "where in the heck is it?" call to Northgate seems to have pried loose a replacement LCD monitor... I'd called last week and was on hold and then promised a return call that never came. I will be very glad to get this flickering old BTC CRT off my desk... though I'll stuff it away downstairs JIC, one more time.

Spent part of the early evening moving With Stars Underfoot into a more or less permanent spot in the warehouse, which led to consolidating boxes of other chapbooks and some general neatening, which we always need after the big chapbook rush. At this rate next year's chapbook will rival the house-deorganizing usually reserved for the annual Meisha Merlin title.

Annual Meisha Merlin title reminds me... I'm hearing a December 10 in warehouse date for Balance of Trade, the paperback, now. Cross fingers, will ya?

The cold makes long discussions difficult. Perhaps the pair of us will develop a hand-language including use of facial tissue as flags between sneezes.

So, some stuff done, but not enough to be really happy with it. The meeting with the salesman makes me hopeful though, and so does the news that Max! has a diagnosis, treatment, and decent prognosis.

Hey,someone remind me to send fliers to Philcon, will you?